World Diabetes Day Celebration-2022

In commemoration of the World Diabetes Day 2022-23, the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism at CMC has conducted a series of events namely Cookery Competition, Nursing Quiz, Medi Quiz, Essay Writing Competition in English & Tamil, Painting competition, Teacher’s Quiz, Exhibition & Poster Competition, Video clipping competition, and Self Composed Dance competition targeted towards school and college students around Vellore city from October 2022 to March 2023. In appreciation of a tremendous support we got from the people, we organized a Self-Composed Dance Competition for School & College Students in Darling Residency on 4th March, 2023. Theme dance competition :- Diabetes and the Heart, followed by a Valediction programme.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was Dr. Vikram Mathews, Director, Christian Medical College, Vellore.

The judges for the event were Dr. Renu Elizabeth Tharion, Professor & Head, Dept. of Physiology, CMC Vellore, Dr. Arathi Simha, Professor, Ophthalmology Unit-I, Schell Eye Hopital, CMC Vellore, Dr. Tarun Jacob, Surgeon, Paediatric Surgery, Unit-II, CMC Vellore, Dr. Asha Solomon, Registrar, College of Nursing, CMC Vellore, Mrs. Shikha Bhattacharjee, Officer - Fundraising, Development office, CMC Vellore and Mrs. Anna Joseph, Publicity & Information Officer, PTO Office, CMC Vellore.

There were 13 teams from the Colleges and 12 teams from the Schools from the schools and colleges in Vellore and Ranipet District in Tamil Nadu and Chittoor district in Anadhra Pradesh.

Among the Colleges, the first prize was bagged by School of Nursing, Scheffelin Institute of Health & Science Karigiri, followed by St John’s College of Nursing in the second place and College of Nursing, Christian Medical College Vellore Chittoor Campus won the 3rd Prize. Consolation prizes were awarded to Vimal College of Nursing, Sri Narayani College of Nursing and Addon Institute of Medical Mission & Research Centre.

Among Schools, Lakshmi Garden Matric Hr Secondary School won the first prize, followed by Bhagwan Mahaveer Dayaniketan School and Spark Matric Hr Sec School in the second and third places respectively. Consolation Prizes were awarded to FIITJEE Global School, N. Krishnaswamy Mudaliar Hr Sec School and Shristi Vidhyashram Senior Secondary School.

Dance Competition for School & College Students Pictures - 2022-23


Dance Competition for School Students 2022-23 - (VIDEOS)

Valedictory Function and Dance Competition for College Students 2022-23 - (VIDEOS)

The department of Endocrinology, CMC Vellore had organized a cookery competition on the theme “Diabetic Bedtime Snacks” on the evening of 24th September, 2022, which was a melange to exhibit the culinary skills for the people of Vellore. The meeting was presided by Dr Asha HS ,Professor , Dept of Endocrinology and metabolism,CMC Vellore. The Chief Guest for the event was Dr Bala Seetharaman,Nursing Superintendent ,Head of Department of Medical and surgical Nursing.In her welcome address,she stressed the importance of early dinner at home,the contribution of all family members in a healthy diet at home and protein rich bedtime snacks as an important component of diet in patients on insulin.

Dr Ashish Gupta,HOD Plastic Surgery at CMC Vellore, stressed the need for male youngsters to participate in cooking at home and that a healthy "diabetic "diet is a healthy diet not only for those with diabetes but for the general population at large.The other judges were Mrs Bharati (Associate Prof,Nursing),Mrs Kavitha and Mrs Sandhya.They congratulated all the contestants for their enthusiasm and zeal in participation".

The judges for the event were Dr. Ashish K. Gupta, Professor & HOD, Plastic Surgery, CMC Vellore. Mrs. Nalini Prasad, Vice President, Tangent India and Mrs. Bharathy, Associate Professor, Medical Nursing, CMC Vellore.

The event witnessed the zealous participation of 33 teams, which includes School Children, Teachers from various schools & colleges, staff from CMC Vellore and home makers. They have showcased innovative ideas to make different kind of delicious and nutritious diabetic bedtime snacks. The recipes were evaluated on the basis of nutritive and calorific value, cost of ingredients, time duration of cooking, and taste.

A Special prize awarded to Ms. Deepa. R and Ms.Gopika. C by BSc Nutrition student from Muthurangam Arts College, Vellore for the recipe “Sprouted Momos”

The first prize was bagged by Ms. Jasme. M and Keerthana. S from KNICU, CMC Vellore for the recipe “Karamani Cutlet”.

The second prize won by Ms. Jayce Beulah and Ms. Madhumitha. B from Oncology Department CMC Vellore for the recipe “Jowar pearl millet ollai kolakkatai” and Ms. Revathi K and Ms.Reena S from OR Day care, CMC Vellore for the recipe “Cabbage Cutlet”.

Three consolation prizes were also awarded to Mr. Kathir and Ms. Ajith Kumar fromAddon Institute Faculty, Dr.Uma Mageshwari and Dr. Beulah Suresh faculty from Auxilium College [AP], Christina Devi and Ms. Nandhini S from Labour Room.

The cash prizes and trophies would be awarded to the winners during the valedictory function to be held in December 2022.

Cookery Competition Pictures - 2022


World Diabetes Cookery Competition 2022 - (VIDEOS)

In commemoration of the World Diabetes Day, the department of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism at CMC had conducted an essay and painting competition for school students and Quiz program for teachers around Vellore & Chittoor on October 22nd , 2022 at Darling Residency, Vellore.

The topics for the competitions are :-

  • Painting competition : Obesity and Diabetes
  • Essay Competition : After COVID, is there a risk for diabetes and How to Prevent it?
  • Teachers Quiz : General Health and non-communicable diseases-Scientific aspects and History.

For the essay, painting, and teachers quiz competitions, 172 students and 34 teachers representing 28 Schools took part. The chief guest for the event was Professor (Padma Sim) Mammen Chandy-Former Head Dept of Hematology, CMC Vellore and Former Director of Tata Medical Center, Kolkata will grace the occasion as the Chief Guest.

Dr Mammen Chandy’s Speech : Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the world. India happens to be the capital of diabetes in the sense that there are so many people who are affected by diabetes. Now all of you know there are two things that make up a human being: One is the genes that you inherit from your father and mother and two is the environment in which you grow and that is what finally makes u so and so. The genetic part u cannot do much about the because that’s what you got from your father and mother and if both your parents are diabetic then there is a chance that you would have inherited the genes for diabetes from them. But what will decide if you will be diabetic is your environment and that is where you as a child or as a teacher can do something about it: make lifestyle changes. In lifestyle, the important things are what you eat, the amount you eat, and the exercise to do. A healthy lifestyle is one with working exercising and eating just the right amount type of food and these 2 things can help to reduce the chance of getting diabetes. They won’t totally reduce but reduce to a great extent. Secondly, by any chance, if you get diabetes mellitus, and you continue doing these things it will be so much easier for Nihal and his team to control your disease and see that you don’t get any complications related to the disease.

So today I was walking through the paintings that the children have done and I must congratulate all of you because the paintings were very well done suggesting you have learned something and you have used your intelligence to translate what you have learned into a picture that depicts something about obesity and diabetes.

Now as children what is the most important thing in your life now apart from being healthy? It is acquiring knowledge. Because that knowledge is going to help you to be what you can be. What is important for a child is to try and be the best he can be. Can all of u be Einstein? No. Can all of you be Darwin? No. Can all of you be Newton? No. It is not possible. But maybe one of you will get the Nobel prize, who knows? The aim in your life is to be the best you can be n don’t compare yourself with others: he is doing this or he is doing that or he has become Mr. America. The most important thing is to be the best version of yourself and you should be happy.

Now as children do u think happiness is important? It is very very important. You can have a fancy car, a big house, and lakhs of rupees and that will not give you happiness. The aim of life should not be just to achieve things. It should be to be the best version of yourself and to be happy: very important. Today children are under so much pressure: you must come first you must win this prize and, in the end, they are not happy.

So, children the other day I had a water heater that was not working. An old man came to repair the water heater and I watched him and he knew exactly what he was doing. Sometimes you go to the mechanic with your car when it is not working and he will be fiddling there and here and pulling this and that, and ultimately the car doesn’t start whereas this man knew exactly what he was doing and it was a pleasure for me to watch him use his hands and intellect and do the repair perfectly. Now you may end up being the becoming most skilled mechanic who makes cars in Germany. You may end up becoming a doctor in CMC Vellore; you may end up becoming a teacher in Shrishti or Ida Scudder or any other school but whatever you become you must be the best you you can be and you must be happy. That is the most important lesson that I wanted to share with you.

You can have everything 16-floor house, a 20-floor house, a big car, and money but what is the use if they are not happy? The second thing I want to talk about is knowledge. The thing about knowledge is to me knowledge is power: not the power of politicians but the power of understanding. As students, I want you to acquire as much knowledge as you can. Knowledge takes away the fear; knowing what causes a particular problem your fear is less you know what to do about it. Knowledge itself gives you power, and it also gives you humility.

You have heard about Isaac Newton. You have heard about how an apple fell on his head. Now to you and me: how sad an apple fell on our head, Isaac Newton thought about gravity and how objects move in relationship to each other. And you know what he said? He said I am like a little child standing on the seashore pick up a small pebble here and there and those pebbles r knowledge. But the great ocean of truth lies in front of me untouched. For a man that great being humble is important.

I have seen Nobel laureates. The Nobel prize is the highest achievement in science, peace literature, and others. I went to Seattle. Seattle is the mecca of a bone marrow transplants. Nihal told you one of the things I do is a bone marrow transplant. When a person gets blood cancer, sometimes the only way to cure him is to take marrow from a sibling and give it to him. There is a chap called Donald Thomas: he won the Nobel prize for bone marrow transplant. He doesn’t walk around like some big shot. So knowledge gives you power and humility.

A word to teachers: please you have young minds in front of you. It is an open book where you can write knowledge. You have the greater responsibility. You must be studying and updating yourself so that you can make it exciting and interesting for the students.

The visually delightful paintings garnered with pristine creativity, were judged by Mrs. Anu Mammen, Former Principal. Vidyalayam School, Dr Meera Thomas, Professor, Department of Pathology,CMC Vellore and Mrs Menaka, Professor, of Pediatric Nursing, CMC Vellore.

The winners of the painting competition were Ms. Niranjana from DAV Bhel School and Ms.Kashika RV from Fiitjee Global School shared the 1st Prize, and the 2nd prize shared by Ms. Sadhana from DAV Bhel School, Ms. Aarusksha and Ms. Valentina from Springdays CBSE School. The 3rd prize went to Ms. Rajashri from Maharishi Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School.

Consolation prizes were awarded to Ms.Rupika from Madras Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Mr. Loknath and Mr. Naveen Kumar from Sunbeam School, Mr.Vijaykanth from Kingston International Academy,Ms. Shalin and Ms. Divya Darshini from Freedom Concept School, Ms.Harshika from Lakshmi Garden School, Ms. Akshita from BMD Jain School, Ms. Saasana from Springdays CBSE School and Ms. Keerthana from Fiitjee Global School.

The Quiz competition winners were Mrs.Savithri and Mrs. Durga Devi from Spark CBSE School won the 1st Prize, the second prize went to Mrs.Saritha and Mrs. Aruna Kumari from Shrishti Vidyashram and the 3rd prize went to Mrs. Baskar Reddy and Ms. Mythili from DAV Bhel School. The winners of essay competition will be declared after peer review.

Prizes will be awarded during the valedictory function which will be held in Feb-March, 2023.

Essay & Painting Competition and Quiz for Teachers- 2022 (Pictures)


Essay & Painting Competition and Quiz for Teachers- 2022 (VIDEOS)

In Commemoration of World Diabetes Day 2022, the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism conducted a Medi Quiz on "Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders" for Medical Students at New Examination Hall, Bagayam College Campus on 1st November 2022 Dr. Solomon Sathishkumar, Principal, CMC, Vellore. was the Chief Guest for the day. A total of 33 teams participated in the Quiz competition and 4 teams qualified to the final round.

The following were the Prize Winners :-

First Prize – Benita Mercy Karunya. B, Nanditha Vinod Souringal, Naveena Josepriya. M

Second Prize  – Anagha Nidugala Shyamkumar, Jangala Sai Supriya, Vinay John Chacko

Third Prize  – Dafna Jesindra, MVS Amulya, Denis Wilson

Medi Quiz Pictures 2022


In commemoration of the World Diabetes Day, the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, CMC Vellore, organized an Exhibition on 18th November, 2022 The theme for this of the event was “Education to Protect Tomorrow”.

Prof. Dr. Prasad Mathews, Medical Superintendent, CMC Vellore, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, and spoke on diabetes as a disease governed by the mind and that behavior modification was the most important feature in implementing it's control.

Several stalls including those of Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Nephrology, Ophthalmology, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Cardiology, Diabetes Education, Diabetes Foot care and Puppet show by Community Health Nursing and several other areas were organized for exhibition. The Department of Cardiology was awarded the first prize for the Best Stall while the Department of Dietetics was the runner-up.

There were more than 26 entries for the posters competition on the topic “Diabetes in the elderly; the problems encountered and handling them”. Thematic posters were judged by Dr. Sumith K. Mathew, Associate Professor from Clinical Pharmacology, Mrs. Angeline Jeyarani from Medical surgical nursing and Mr. Lenny Vasanthan, Reader from Physiotheraphy.

Ms. Beulah Deepakumari from Med-4 office won the first prize while the second prize was bagged by Mr. Mohammed Haroon from Anaesthesia and the third prize was awarded to I.Sangeetha from A4 Ward. The consolation prizes were awarded to Ms. Anisha. G from PMR, Ms. Selva Merlin from Heamat BMTU and Mr. Mubarak Ali from Neruo OR.



In Commemoration of World Diabetes Day 2022, the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism conducted a Dia-Quiz on "Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders" for the Nursing Students at College of Nursing, CMC Vellore on November 29, 2022. Mrs. Rosaline Jayakaran, Former HOD Community Health Nursing Department and Former Dean College of Nursing CMC Vellore and Former Dean, College of Nursing, was the Chief Guest for the day.

A total of 304 students are participated in Preliminary written test and 4 teams qualified to the final round.

The following were the Prize Winners :- First Prize - Marbanylla Rikynti Sawian, Praveena Judith. A, Janet Isabella. J, Sakshi. M Second Prize -Lishma Shann Mathew. L, Aeibel Susan Mathew, Lavanya .P, Dhivya. A. Third Prize – Deepshikha Purty, Josaline. S, Nivya Pinto, Monisha Ramesh

Nursing Quiz Pictures 2022