Metabolic problems are sown in early childhood. Hence, in order to improve awareness among school teachers and through them the students in Vellore, the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism have envisioned a programme called V-Shape(Vellore-School Health Awareness Programme and Education) around Vellore District. In the first phase, the Principals of the various schools around Vellore District were oriented in the Department about the need for implementing a large scale Diabetes and Obesity awareness school programme. In the next phase, the Science and Physical Education teachers (n=45) attended a workshop on “Diabesity”. As the first step forward, the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism teamed up with the Primary section of the Scudder school to inculcate good healthy practices in the young minds.

Dr. Mahesh, Mrs.Mercy Inbakumari and Dr. Mini Joseph conducted education sessions with all the primary school teachers to orient them about the risk of developing diabetes and other lifestyle diseases. A realistic task was drawn out along with the co-operation of the school teachers. It was decided that each day of the week will be celebrated as a–“Fruit Day, Vegetable Day, Water day, Exercise Day and No Fried Items Day”. The parents were intimated via SMS. They were requested to provide their children with the specific item for each day of the week. Teachers gave points to each class based on their compliance. The score for each day was proudly highlighted on a chart hung outside their classroom. The classes scoring the highest were awarded the “Healthy Class of the Month on September 2, 2015. Mrs. Renita Muthuswamy, Principal, Ida Scudder School graced the occasion. The Junior School Headmistress, Mrs. Leela Sudhakaran and her team of teachers wholeheartedly supported this endeavor.