Pituitary Clinic

The pituitary clinic is a twice weekly sub-specialty clinic that serves patients with pituitary disorders including pituitary tumours, craniopharyngioma, inflammatory and other lesions in the hypothalamo-pituitary region. The clinic was started more than a decade ago to streamline the work-up, peri-operative management and post-operative follow-up of patients with pituitary disorders as per standard protocols.

We have one of the best Neurosurgery departments in the country with good remission rates for functioning and non-functioning pituitary tumours. Patients with inoperable tumours or those with residual tumours on post-operative follow-up are offered radiotherapy. We have multi-disciplinary team meetings with Neurosurgical units every week to discuss about the treatment strategies for individual patients, and also facilitate smooth post-operative recovery of these patients through regular post-operative endocrine monitoring and follow-up.

We also offer treatment for induction of fertility in patients desiring to have a child following treatment for their pituitary tumour, in association with Reproductive medicine department. Our research interests have been on pathways for peri-operative management of patients with pituitary tumours, post-operative diabetes insipidus and delayed hyponatremia following pituitary surgery.

Pituitary Clinic

Outpatient Clinic : MON & THU

12:30pm to 4:30pm