Bariatric Clinic

The bariatric clinic is a once weekly run multidisciplinary clinic, to cater for individuals with morbid obesity(Body mass index > 35 kg/m2). It is jointly run in the endocrine office with other specialists from Psychiatry, Physiotherapy, Gastroenterology and bariatric surgery. We have an inhouse trained qualified dietician. The clinic was started six years ago and has currently a database of over 2000 individuals and regularly get referrals from different institutes across India for the evaluation and management of obesity. In addition to life stye modifications and medical therapy, occasionally patients may also be selected for intra gastric balloon placement and bariatric surgery. Those with young onset obesity are also offered genetic testing through a comprehensive 35 gene next generation sequencing panel at an affordable rate. The clinic follows standard protocols and is an active site for generating high quality clinical data that has been useful in framing national and south Asian guidelines.



8:00am to 12:00pm