Diabetes & Disorders Of Glucose Metabolism

The most significant clinical development in the year 2001-2002 is the marked expansion and diversification in the area of Diabetology. Diabetes Mellitus affects about 11% of the South Indian Urban Population. Bearing this is mind, the Department has initiated a Integrated Diabetes Outpatient Clinic on a twice-weekly basis. This is a unique Diabetes Clinic which includes the Endocrinologists, Diabetes Educators, Dieticians and Physiotherapists who emphasize the holistic concepts in management of diabetes mellitus, inclusive of diet, exercise, lifestyle modification, and medications. In addition foot care is provided in liaise with general surgeon and orthopedician.

The concept of the integrated clinic is extended in the form of integrated outreach camps, in and around the hinterland of Vellore. The department has four full time diabetes educators who have done yeoman service in developing the diabetology infrastructure and conveying in depth the changes required in successful management of inpatient and outpatient handling of diabetes to the patients.

Other unique features of diabetes management includes diabetes education, glucometer rentals and home monitoring, Insulin dose titration , Continous glucose monitoring system and Insulin Pump therapy