Laboratory Facilities

The Department has a modern Endocrine laboratory with automated clinical chemistry analyzers. It has facilities for doing the following assays: Radioimmunoassay, Competitive protein – binding assay, Chemiluminescence assay and Enzyme immunoassay.

The department of Nuclear Medicine has all the facilities for imaging endocrine tumors. These include facilities for Thyroid uptake and scanning, Sestamibi scans for imaging parathyroid adenomas. MIBG scans for evaluation of Pheochromocytomas and other neuroendocrine tumours, Bone scan and other facilities are also available. The radiopharmaceuticals tracers for these scans are prepared within the department.

We are equipped to perform procedures like Inferior Petrosal Sinus sampling for locating ACTH producing pituitary adenomas, selective digital subtraction angiographic procedures and selective venous catherization for locating ectopic endocrine tumours.